To bring diverse stakeholders in the St. Louis region together to promote a continuum of strength based services for children, youth, and families that will

  • Support and strengthen families
  • Prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Ensure that children have permanent relationships that help them thrive in their own communities
  • Make recommendations to public and private stakeholders in order to improve outcomes for children and families of the St Louis region.


The St. Louis Family and Community Partnership is an inclusive, broad-based coalition that represents the strengths and needs of our community. It works collaboratively to employ outcome-oriented strategies and evidence-based practices that support children, youth and families in the St. Louis region.

Core Values

  • We believe that every child has the right to be safe in their home and community.
  • We believe that healthy families are the basis of healthy communities.
  • We believe that to prevent child abuse and neglect, awareness must be increased and continually sustained.
  • We believe that when we strengthen families, we secure a better future for everyone.
  • We believe that our greatest investment is in the success of all of our children.


The Partnership is led by a 21-member Council. Activities are carried out by four workgroups involving hundreds of individuals. Staffing and administration of the Partnership is handled by Vision for Children at Risk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building strategic initiatives to improve the well-being of children in the St. Louis region.

Results Achieved

  • Collaboration and cooperation established among service providers in child-abuse prevention and foster care in the City of St. Louis
  • Community awareness and participation generated in child abuse prevention through April Blue Ribbon Month; over 50,000 bookmarks, pins and other commemorative items have been distributed each year, and over 100 child advocates and community leaders attend annual kickoff event
  • Dozens of child-care centers equipped and trained to promote protective factors against abuse
  • School staff members trained in collaborative team practices
  • Foster parent recruitment increased


Financial support for St. Louis Family & Community Partnership activities is provided by the Missouri Children’s Trust Fund and Cardinals Care.