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Welcome to the Children's Policy Forum website of Vision for Children at Risk and the St. Louis Metropolitan Children's Agenda.  The site provides detailed data and policy information related to children's issues in the St. Louis region.  It also establishes an online community for the exchange of information and ideas.  We invite your suggestions for content to be added to the site or ways in which it can be improved. Learn more about this site!

Find Data.

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Data and information from Vision for Children at Risk supports effective community planning and program design for area children and families.

Every two years, VCR publishes the Children of Metropolitan St. Louis (CMSL) report containing comprehensive data on over 25 indicators of child well-being.  Search the CMSL data online in the Info Center.

Community resource and best practice information is carefully reviewed and promoted in the Fundamental Needs section.  Learn more about our data and information features.

Work Together.

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Key Community Collaborations

Family Support -- Family & Community Partnership

Early Childhood -- Regional Early Childhood Council

Maternal/Child Health -- Maternal, Child & Family Health Coalition

Youth Development -- Youth Development Providers Network/St. Louis for Kids

Advocate For Kids.

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Join a Regional Early Childhood Council Committee to help improve the lives of young children.  A complete meeting schedule can be found here.

Learn More

In the Spotlight


BlueRibbon2014April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Check Out Highlights from the Annual Child Abuse Prevention Month Rally

Get the Facts on Child Abuse

See Highlights of Last Year's Rally

Post a Yard Sign Showing Your Support of Child Abuse prevention

Listen to St. Louis on the Air's Broadcast Discussing Child Abuse Prevention

Wanted: 250 Community Members Committing to Safe Children & Strong Families

Join us at the the Child Abuse Prevention Month and St. Louis' 250th birthday celebration on April 11th, 10:30 am at the Forest Park Visitors Center. Find out how your can be a part of the celebration.

Legislative Forum on Early Childhood Issues

Get a recap of the January 24th Legislative Forum hosted by the Regional Early Childhood Council.

Missouri Project LAUNCH Targets 63106 & 63107

Missouri Project LAUNCH has released released their Strategic PlanEnvironmental Scan, and the Environmental Scan Appendix.  Please contact us to learn more about Missouri Project Launch.

The Social Determinants of Health

In this article, Dr. Richard Byyny discusses the need to focus on the health of our population and not just medical care and sickness care.  Commenting on this article, pediatrician and VCR Board member Dennis O'Connor says, "The roots of true health will be found in the home, the neighborhood and the classroom."

Missouri Project Launch

Missouri Project Launch Environmental Scan and Appendix, Missouri Project Launch Environmental Scan

Mayor Slay and Child Advocates Celebrate Project Launch Grant

Collective Impact for St. Louis Children: Where are we now?

Rich Patton, Executive Director of VCR, shares his thoughts on the progress towards collective impact in the St. Louis Region and what it means for the children of our region and the efforts of organizations to work together on kids issues.













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