In Spring 2014, the Ready by 21 St. Louis Investment Team and Work Group released a prospectus, Moving Toward Collective Impact, Ready by 21 St. Louis.  In releasing the prospectus, the Investment Team and Work Group issued the following call-to-action to the community:

The collective impact process has presented an opportunity for St. Louis leaders to coalesce around bold action on behalf of young people. The Forum for Youth Investment defines bold as “showing the ability to take risks; confident and courageous.” We acknowledge and embrace the challenges and hard work that lie ahead in aligning policy, practice and investment decisions to best serve our kids.

We also acknowledge that it will take a critical mass to achieve our community’s vision. Moreover, we know that many more people – representing a wide array of sectors and viewpoints – need to be at the table in order to truly make progress. This report serves as an invitation for your involvement.

The Spring 2014 update, Moving Toward Collective Impact in St. Louis, identifies a series of next steps to be taken in getting a successful collective impact effort off the ground in St. Louis:

  1. Establish a Leadership Council responsible for strategic oversight of the process;
  2. Create a Youth Master Plan that engages the community and aligns existing community efforts towards a bold set of strategies on behalf of youth well-being;
  3. Establish a formalized system for youth voice, leadership and involvement;
  4. Formalize a backbone structure to support the above work.

The report notes that to accomplish these next steps it critical to align funding, services, and measurements.  Establishment of A Ready by 21 St. Louis Leadership Council would appear to be a critical next step in moving the initiative forward,