Communication Committee: Goal is to promote awareness of the responsibility of the community to prevent child abuse/neglect, and to promote the educational work St. Louis CARES for Children.

  • Recruits participants for Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) activities, including yard signs, social media, and distributing other prevention materials
  • Participates in planning an annual Family Resource Fair as part of Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Reviews website and directs content
  • Oversees periodic email communication with members and stakeholders (on Constant Contact) to support the work of other Committees


Advocacy Committee: Goal is to keep abreast of policy developments in the area of child protection, share information and facilitate action when needed to improve policy

  • Monitors legislation related to child abuse /neglect and takes positions as appropriate
  • Develops and sends periodic advocacy updates (formerly Policy Notes)
  • Initiates/approves Action Alerts as appropriate
  • Participates in planning an annual Legislative Wrap-Up
  • Assures participation in the Missouri Prevention Partners meetings


Recognition Committee: Goal is to provide positive recognition to individuals who “go the extra mile” working to impact the child protection system, with particular emphasis on those who work directly with children and families.

  • Oversees the annual recognition event (Stepping Up for Kids Luncheon) including planning, selecting awardees and outreach
  • Develops and monitors a membership structure for individuals and organizations


Education Committee:  Goal is to provide training to professionals to improve prevention activities and the treatment of children and families affected by child abuse and neglect, while providing opportunities to network

  • Plans and executes 4 trainings for child and family-serving professionals annually
  • Provides direction for training and/or activities that promote the Strengthening Families Framework (Children’s Trust Fund grant supports this)
  • Plans and executes two education programs annually that focus on emerging trends, challenges to child protection work, promising practices, or other relevant topics


Self-Evaluation Committee: Goal is to improve child welfare practice and reduce racial inequity and disproportionality in the child protection system

  • Examines data, policy and its implementation, and shares best practices to assure the well-being of children who have allegedly been abused/neglected or who are in the custody of the Children’s Division, with a particular emphasis on issues and practices that result in racial disparity and disproportionality