The St. Louis Regional Early Childhood Council supports policies and programs that enhance early childhood development in the state of Missouri, including increased investment in early childhood programs to ensure that the fundamental developmental, educational and health needs of the state’s young children are met. Extensive economic research documents that investing in early childhood development yields the highest returns of any type of public sector investment. Supporting early childhood development will significantly contribute to the optimal well‐being of Missouri’s children, their success in school, and to Missouri’s economic competitiveness. Investing in quality early childhood programs is a wise choice that benefits children, their families, and our community. Preparing children to succeed in kindergarten prepares them for a lifetime of success.

Report Highlights Importance of Raising Minimum Wage

Make Work Work, a report released by the Clark-Fox Policy Institute, focuses on the strain that low wages and unaffordable quality childcare places on families. The analysis leads to three evidence-based policy recommendations. 1) Increase the minimum wage to a family sustaining wage. 2) Modify the child care subsidy structure to ensure parents can receive subsidies until they achieve a living wage. 3) Develop a system to measure child care quality and provide supports for child care providers to improve services. Read the report here

Advocacy Alert: Impact of Proposed Missouri Tax Cuts on Young Children

Further tax cuts are being considered in the Missouri Legislature. Please contact your legislators to remind them that investing in the lives of young children and their families should be a top priority as decisions are made. Please help ensure that any proposed tax changes do not decrease general revenue and include a refundable earned income tax credit.

See this fact sheet describing Missouri’s already low investment in young children.

Legislation Proposes Background Checks for Child Care Providers

Bills have been introduced in the Missouri Senate and House that would require individuals working for child care providers that receive federal or state funds to have background checks. The federal Child Care Development Block Grant calls for states to require background checks by Sept. 30, 2018. If Missouri does not maintain compliance, it stands to lose five percent of its CCDBG funds. For more information, see this fact sheet.


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