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Building Blocks Report Shows Supply and Demand for Early Care and Education Programs in the St. Louis Region

The RECC Data Committee, along with Vision for Children at Risk and Missouri Wonk, have released a report studying the location and type of early care and education programs in the St. Louis region. Data is shown by ZIP code and school district, for programs that are centers, home-based and school-based. The report tracks 2,641 facilities serving 67,685 children. Read the summary report.







See detailed data:

Interpretation Key (PDF)
Maps and data by ZIP code, listed in order of Early Childhood Needs Score (PDF)
Maps and data by school district, listed alphabetically (PDF)
List of Early Childhood Need Scores, in order from highest to lowest (PDF)
List of Early Childhood Need Scored in ZIP code order (PDF)

See maps from the Building Blocks Report

Early Childhood Needs Score by ZIP Code






Early Childhood Subsidy Dollars by ZIP Code


Fact Sheet: The Critical Importance of Early Childhood Development