November Missouri Ballot Initiatives of Interest to Children and Families

Vision for Children at Risk calls your attention to two items on the November 6 Missouri ballot that are of interest to children and families. VCR has endorsed both of these proposals.

Proposition B – Minimum Wage

Proposition B raises the minimum wage very gradually until it reaches $12/hour in 2023. The stress of low-wage workers who struggle to meet the basic needs of families is a source of toxic stress, with life-long consequences for parents and children. Much of our time and energy focuses on mediating the negative effects that poverty has on children. Raising the minimum wage is a significant way that we can strike at the root of poverty. See a fact sheet on Proposition B, Minimum Wage.

Amendment 1 – CLEAN Initiative

Amendment 1 enacts campaign finance reform, limits lobbyist gifts, creates greater openness of public records, and sets up a method to draw electoral districts to minimize gerrymandering and to promote partisan fairness and competitiveness in elections. Wealthy individuals and corporations have a disproportionate amount of power in Missouri elections, and also employ lobbyists who contribute more than $870,000 annually to elected officials. See a fact sheet on Amendment 1, CLEAN Initiative.