Legislative Wrap Up 2019

Earlier this month, VCR, STLCANN, and Generate Health partnered together to offer the Annual Legislative Wrap Up. We heard from speakers including: Brian Colby with Missouri Budget Project, Craig Stevenson with Kids Win Missouri, and Jessica Seitz from Missouri KidsFirst.

They shared many positives from this past legislative session, including:

  • Increased home visiting funding with PAT and Children’s Division.
  • Additional Federal CCDBG funding.
  • Increased state funding for public schools ($61 million in new funding).
  • The passage of Nathan’s law, greatly increasing the safety of children in unlicensed child care provider homes.
  • SNAP and Medicaid work tracking requirements did NOT pass, which would have been a burdensome hurtle for many people.

It was also emphasized that we can continue advocating, and that Missouri’s “unfair and unbalanced tax system” holds us back from fully taking care of children and families.

Download the informative presentations here: