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Licensed Child Care Capacity: Home-based

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The licensed child care capacity reflects the number of children that can be served by licensed providers in a given area. While licensure is not the only measure of ensuring quality, it indicates that a provider meets established health and safety standards. According to Child Trends Data Bank, in 2005, 61 percent of children under the age of six spent time in non-parental child care. Licensed early child care programs have a major economic impact throughout the nation as they keep parents employed and productive knowing their children are in safe, reliable care. Access to these programs is especially critical to low-income parents making the transition from welfare to work.

Licensed Child Care Capacity: Home-based

The Top 10 results for 2012 (ranked by Licensed Child Care Capacity: Centers)

Zip CodeLicensed Child Care Capacity: CentersYear
62206444 2012
63136350 2012
62208325 2012
62203279 2012
62221240 2012
62205208 2012
62226199 2012
62207181 2012
62269181 2012

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This indicator provides only a point-in-time look at the number of licensed provider slots available in each ZIP code. The number of licensed child care slots can change dramatically over time.
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