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Average Expenditure per Pupil

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average expenditure per pupil increased to $8,701 in 2005, up five percent from the previous year. The national No Child Left Behind Act, which places great emphasis on academic performance, financially penalizes school districts for not improving student standardized testing scores over time. According to the Brookings Institution, there is not a strong correlation between higher per pupil spending and greater test scores. The top spending district in the country, Washington D.C., has some of the lowest standardized test scores, while some states have students who perform very well on the tests, yet spend the least on its students.

Average Expenditure per Pupil

The Top 10 results for 2009 (ranked by Expenditure per Pupil)

CountyExpenditure per PupilYearSchool DistrictSchool District Population
St. Louis County135274.002009St. Louis County Special SD1845
Madison County23726.002009Venice68
St. Louis County16647.002009Clayton2479
St. Louis County15669.002009Wellston577
St. Louis City15549.002009St. Louis Public27574
St. Louis County15492.002009Brentwood792
St. Clair County13622.002009Brooklyn193
St. Louis County13609.002009Normandy4626
St. Louis County13524.002009Maplewood/Richmond Hts.1049
St. Louis County13063.002009Ladue3580

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The average expenditure per pupil in Missouri is based on the average daily attendance in the regular school year and summer school for grades kindergarten through 12. It does not include capital and debt services expenditures. Illinois defines the average expenditure per pupil as “operational expenditure.” This definition includes gross operating costs of a district excluding summer school, adult education, bond principal retired and capital expenditures.

*St. Louis County has an independent school district serving children with special needs. Districts in St. Louis City, St. Charles County, St. Clair County and Madison County serve special needs children within schools.

**Data Not Available.

*** Formerly St. Charles Co. R-V

****Belleville, Freeburg, O’Fallon, and East Alton school districts in Illinois are not unit districts. For the purpose of this report, we have combined the elementary, middle, and high school districts.

U.S: $8,701
U.S. Census Bureau
Public Education Finance (2006)
MO: $8,221
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (SY 2005-2006)
IL: $9,099
Illinois State Education (SY 2005-2006)