VCR December News: Featuring STLCANN Training

STLCANN TrainersPerhaps the best holiday gift for those who work with children and families who have experienced trauma is to explore ways to care for oneself. The St. Louis Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Network (STLCANN) provided an opportunity to do this at the December training presented by Regina Whittington, LCSW and Mary Mogg, MSW.

The workshop explored concepts of stress, trauma stewardship (the practice of caring for oneself in order to remain effective in caring for others), boundaries, mindfulness and “letting go.” Mary and Regina offered tools to help participants create desired balance in their lives, to assist in value clarification and to create concrete plans for self-care. Self-care is both a skill and an art, so of course they emphasized the importance of practice and repetition to identify successful strategies and minimize barriers.

The session closed with participants making a commitment:

“Today I will decide to let go.” 
“Today I will decide to trust myself.”  
As you begin a new year, what will you do to take care of yourself?

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