Agencies across the region are working together to promote child well-being in our area. Children are said to exhibit well-being if all of the following are met:

  1. They successfully attain all relevant and appropriate developmental milestones.
  2. They display capacities that we know are associated with future success. These capacities are both internal to the child (such as resiliency) and external to the child (such as a secure attachment).
  3. They are able to relate to themselves, their peers, and to the world around them as children.

In other words, child well-being means:

  1. They are growing and developing as kids their age should.
  2. They have what they need to be successful as adults.
  3. They are able to enjoy being kids.

Please look through the information on this site to learn more about child well-being. More information coming soon on how you can help promote child well-being in the region.