An Exciting Time at VCR

In the recent months, the VCR team has been very busy managing and growing three federal initiatives and two state initiatives all focused on the well-being of children. During this time, you may have found yourself asking, “what is happening over at VCR?”
We’re glad you asked! We have been working hard as a team to build a strong foundation for growth, both internally and through collaborative conversations and thinking with many dedicated partners. Here’s a brief recap of what our last several months have consisted of:
  • A new Strategic Plan:  The VCR Staff and Board of Directors have reflected on the strong history of VCR and looked strategically at how we can deepen and expand our impact. We are most excited to share our newly updated approach built around four key strategies:
    • Informing the community with data and research;
    • Promoting collaborative action;
    • Engaging and supporting families; and
    • Advocating for child well-being through policy and community investment.


  •  The Different Initiatives at VCR: In collaboration with some of our key partners, our work has expanded:
    • St. Louis Project LAUNCH: Fostering the healthy development and wellness of young children (birth through age 8).
    • PACT-STL (Parents and Children Together): Working closely with Child Protection Services, we are supporting the development, implementation, and evaluation of primary prevention strategies to improve the safety, stability, and well-being of families through a continuum of community-based services and supports.
    • STLCANN: The St. Louis Child Abuse & Neglect Network works to prevent child abuse or neglect, and improve the lives of children and families who have been impacted by abuse or neglect.
    • SOC: Improving the mental health outcomes for children and youth, birth through age 21.
    • STMO: Through Stronger Together Missouri, we are equipping our region to host Parent Cafés wherever children and families are served.
    • DHSS: Promoting child and family wellness through advocacy and connecting families to home visiting.

  • Growing the team: A new aspect of our work involves growing our Family Support Team, which means peer-to-peer support for families navigating challenging situations and systems.
  • Working Together: We are working closely with our partners to develop a comprehensive structure of supports and avenues for family engagement and organizational collaboration. To give you a glimpse of this, the visual below shows how both families and organizations are a core part of the current and coming work.