What Community Partners Say About Vision for Children at Risk


“Vision for Children at Risk helps us to focus community resources on critical needs facing our children. It brings agencies together and gives us the facts and figures we need. To me, it is absolutely invaluable.”
Melanie Scheetz
Executive Director, Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

“As a convener of collaborative action, Vision for Children at Risk has been a vital link between organizations working on behalf of children in our community. Were it not for VCR, many of these agencies would never have the occasion to encounter each other and work together on common goals.”
Jama Dodson
Executive Director, St. Louis Mental Health Board

“There clearly needs to be a coordinated effort to address the needs of children in our area. Vision for Children at Risk is the group with the vision and sustainability to make it happen. Thanks to VCR, we have become stronger as we share resources and bring our collective experiences to the table.”
Becky James-Hatter
President & CEO, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri

Vision for Children at Risk is a valuable resource and critical component of the nonprofit landscape in St. Louis. Before the popular term “collective impact”, VCR recognized the importance of working toward a common agenda and the need to collectively advocate on behalf of children. VCR’s work is vital as we move forward to continue to improve outcomes for children in our region.
Cynthia Curry Crim
Foundation Program Manager, Commerce Bank

“Vision for Children at Risk works to catalyze efforts to improve the lives of children in our region and state. They create the space and data to allow for meaningful discussion regarding how to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families. The organization fills a vital role in bringing children-serving agencies to the table and building collaborative efforts.”
Ryan Barker
Vice President for Health Policy, Missouri Foundation for Health