Directions to Vision for Children at Risk

2401 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63106 • 314-534-6015 (Mailing address 2433 N. Grand Blvd.)

The Vision for Children at Risk office and meeting facility is located at 2401 N. Grand Blvd. at the northwest corner of Grand Blvd. and North Market St. They are part of the Sts. Teresa & Bridget Church complex. The church is exactly one mile north of the Fox Theatre and approximately one mile south of Fairgrounds Park on the west side of Grand Blvd. (Note, the mailing address is 2433 N. Grand Blvd.; the 2401 address provides accurate online map lookup.)

Coming from the SOUTH via I-64/US 40, I-44, Forest Park Blvd., or Lindell Blvd.

Take Grand Blvd. north. Go exactly one mile past the Fox Theatre to the intersection of Grand Blvd. and North Market Street. The Sts. Teresa & Bridgett Church complex is on the northwest corner of the intersection on your left-hand side. Turn left a mid-block just past the church building (at the bus stop and sign that reads CHIPS) to enter the church complex and then follow the directions below.

Coming from the NORTH via I-70 or Natural Bridge

Take Grand Blvd. south past St. Louis Ave. Immediately south of Cottage Ave., turn right into the parking lot for Sts. Teresa & Bridget Church (at the bus stop and sign that reads CHIPS). Follow the directions below to enter the VCR offices.

Once You Are On the Church Parking Lot

VCR is located in the new buildings on the north side of the parking lot opposite the church building. Follow the signage. Enter the offices through the double-doors closest to Grand Blvd. The address over the entry door reads 2433.

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