Vision for Children at Risk mobilizes the St. Louis region to take action on the critical needs of children. We are a catalyst creating positive change in the way the St. Louis area takes care of its children.

Informing: Data and Best Practice Information

In the St. Louis region, there are stark disparities in children’s health and well-being by race, income and geography. These disparities are illustrated in the Children of Metropolitan St. Louis data book, now in its 10th edition. The CMSL contains  comprehensive data on over 40 indicators of child well-being. This information is widely used to guide community decision making and develop programs targeting children’s needs. We share best-practice information and stimulate discussion by presenting national webinars to local stakeholder groups.

Driving Action: Building and Facilitating Collaborative Initiatives for Children

Vision for Children at Risk provides leadership to develop new programs and policies that improve services to children. We provide staff support, facilitation and guidance to child-serving collaborations involving hundreds of stakeholders. Collaborative initiatives currently staffed include the St. Louis Regional Early Childhood Council which promotes the health and early learning of children ages 0-8 across the region; the St. Louis Child Abuse & Neglect Network which works to prevent child abuse and ensure that children have safe, supportive homes; Project LAUNCH (federally funded) which improves health and mental health services to young children in 63106 and 63107 in north St. Louis; and the St. Louis System of Care, a collaborative network of agencies, families, and youth focused on the total health of children and families with, or at risk for, serious emotional disorders. 

Involving: Engaging Grassroots Citizens as Advocates for Children and Families

Through Project LAUNCH and the St. Louis System of Care, a Community Café process is being conducted through which parents and citizens of marginalized areas identify and carry out strategies to improve their communities as they relate to children and families.

Advocating: Promoting Investments and Policies Supporting Children

We provide leadership for Kids Win Missouri, a coalition of agencies and related organizations working together on a common Missouri legislative and policy agenda. Annual legislative panel presentations review the issues and results of the legislature. Vision for Children at Risk also works to engage business and civic leaders in children’s programs, and educate the community about the importance of child health to the economic vitality of the St. Louis region.