Vision for Children at Risk is the St. Louis resource for statistics and resources on children’s data. To view data and resources, click on the links below:

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Ferguson Commission Report – September 2015
For the Sake of All Report – 2014
Where We Stand – East-West Gateway Council of Governments, 2015 edition
Regional Health Commission – Decade Review of Health Status – 2014
Regional Health Commission – Access to Care Data – December 2015
Missouri Children’s Division – Child Abuse and Neglect Annual Report FY2015
Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services – Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics FY2015
2015 Landscape Report: Quantifying the Nonprofit Sector in Missouri  – Fall 2015
The State of Missouri Child Care 2013 – Child Care Aware of Missouri
The Demand for Child Care in Missouri 2014 – Child Care Aware of Missouri
County Data Sheets About Child Care – Child Care Aware of Missouri
Pathways Out of Poverty: Higher Wages and Targeted Benefits Create Needed Opportunities
–(Empower Missouri and Vision for Children at Risk – July 2015)

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