The Missouri Children’s Leadership Council was started in 2010 following the closure of the former statewide children’s advocacy agency, Citizens for Missouri’s Children. It began by providing a platform for children’s agencies and individuals to collaborate on statewide advocacy. Starting in 2014, the MOCLC was able to achieve a regular presence at the Capitol with funding from the Missouri Foundation for Health and the Deaconess Foundation. This funding supports the MOCLC’s Director of Policy and Advocacy along with staffing from Vision for Children at Risk. The MOCLC is currently engaging in strategic planning to formalize its structure, and establish a firm footing for the future.

The MOCLC strategic planners identified the following core strategies to achieve its goals:

  • Formulating a collective agenda
  • Developing effective and timely communications
  • Providing leadership on policy issues
  • Developing a broad and engaged base
  • Providing legislative and administrative advocacy
  • Developing an effective and efficient operational structure