Find Locations of Summer Meals for Children by ZIP Code

Want to know where children are offered summer meals?  Download this list of meal sites in St. Louis City and County compiled by Vision for Children at Risk, sorted into 33 ZIP codes.

Summertime presents an extra challenge to families who struggle to find the resources to provide healthy, adequate meals for their children.  Operation Food Search, local Health Departments, the City Division of Recreation, and many schools, service organizations and summer programs partner to make meals available when school is not in session.  Meal programs take place at different times, and for varying durations.  This year, innovative approaches are being used such as meal “routes” and a tool that enables families to get some local resources by text.

We have gathered information as broadly as we were able, but if we have missed a site, please let us know. Sometimes meal sites stop offering meals if uptake is too low. This is the best point in time information available as of today, but programs do change.

We hope you find this resource useful!